Apartment HISA SONCA

APARTMENT / ROOMS HISA SONCA is located in Kobarid, 100m from centre town. We offer you luxury apartment SUN on two floors for 8 person, with 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balcony, kitchen, living and dining room,…

Separate entrance have two rooms on the upper floor; room KRN (4beds) and room MATAJUR (3 beds), each its own bathroom. Downstairs you will find common kitchen. You can use all together as an apartment, which is very suitable also for two families or a group that wants to enjoy sport activities, exploring the surroundings, etc. Both rooms have a balcony that offers a wonderful view on the mountain around Kobarid.

Kobarid, Posocje is a wonderful place to rest, relax and enjoy the nature or sports that it offers. You will find friendly people and try our “gastronomic circle” in the best restaurants. Kobarid is surrounded by mountains, the highest is Krn, 2244m and one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, the emerald Soca river.

Whatever of the above you might desire, we promise to experience in the House of the Sun and take back home wonderful, unforgettable impressions. Come, let the fabulous nature enchants you, she will be happy and grateful welcome you the next time you return.