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Kobarid, the area of the Soča valley is a wonderful place to relax, to admire the sun, to enjoy nature together with its sports activities, nice people and delicious food. 

Whatever of the above you might desire, Kobarid is the right place for you. Surrounded by mountain peaks, together with 2244m high Krn, Kobarid is especially popular due to one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, the emerald Soča.

The holiday resort SONCE (THE SUN) offers you a rest, regeneration, new exploits and wonderful, unforgettable impressions. Come, let the fabulous nature enchants you and thank her back by respecting and preserving the beauties she is offering to you. Happy and grateful, she will welcome you the next time you return.



A place evoking curiosity, a wish to explore, to engage in sports activities, to discover the beauties of the town and its surroundings as well as a feeling of relaxation, a feeling of peace and quiet.


soča River

The sight of the Soča River is breathtaking. She carries something strangely beautiful, something magical in herself.



The place offers an infinite range of possibilities for both leisure, or more difficult mountaineering to more demanding places surrounding Kobarid and its valley.



Kobarid is especially famous for its history, which also stimulates the opening of the Kobarid tourist trail/path. It has always been interesting for the battles from the First World War.